IGRINS (Immersion Grating INfrared Spectrograph) is a high-resolution (R ~ 40,000), near-infrared (H and K simultaneously) spectrograph developed by Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute and the University of Texas at Austin. It is being operated at the 2.7-m telescope of the McDonald observatory from 2014.

The overview of the instrument and its expected parameters can be found in this document.

For the updated status of IGRINS, please consult the IGRINS Newsletter linked below.

Opportunity for the Korean community

Korean IGRINS Team was awarded with a total of 75 nights at McDonald 2.7m telescope as guaranteed observing time. The nights will be spread over 3 years, thus this will be 8-9 nights per each trimester. The Korean guaranteed time will be maily used for the following three categories.

  1. IGRINS instrument team programs (~15 nights)
  2. Korean IGRINS Legacy Programs (~25 nights)
  3. Normal guaranteed time programs (~35 nights)

For Korean IGRINS Legacy Programs, proposals were solicited and selected during 2013-2014. The list of selected programs can be found from the link below.

During normal trimesters, the Korean community's access to IGRINS at McDonald will be through following two channels.

  1. McDonald Open Time
    • no limits on available nights
    • Open competition with McDonald community
  2. Korean Guaranteed time (for normal programs)
    • 3~4 nights per trimester
    • Open competition within the Korean community

Korean Normal Guaranteed Time Programs

For Korean normal guaranteed time (GT) programs, you must submit the full proposals to Korean IGRINS team for evaluation. Note that GT-selected programs will also go through the normal McDonald TAC process, although the review by McDonlad TAC will not affect the GT-selected programs. Given that available number of nights per each trimester is very small, we are considering an option to issue a call for proposal on an annual basis. However, the final decision will be made in consultation with Korean IGRINS community. Meanwhile, if you have targets that requires GT status (e.g., timely observation is critical), please contact IGRINS operation team at KASI.

For more details, see the individual call for proposals page.