K-GMT Science Group Leader / K-GMT Project Scientist

Narae Hwang (황나래)

I am in charge of
 - planning and Execution of Science Development for K-GMT.
 - managing of K-GMT Science Program.
 - managing of Large Telescope Access Program (e.g. Gemini-K).
 - other K-GMT Science related businesses.

 - star clusters and HII regions in nearby galaxies
 - resolved stellar populations in local volume of the Universe
 - cosmological evolution of stellar population
 - stellar structure of galaxies: disk stars, halo stars, etc.

 - 2008 - Ph.D. in Astronomy, Seoul National University, Korea
 - 2000 - M.S. in Astronomy, Seoul National University, Korea
 - 1996 - B.S. in Astronomy, Seoul National University, Korea

 - Oct. 2012 - Current      : K-GMT Project Scientist               Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
 - Oct. 2010 - Sep. 2012  : NAOJ Research Fellow                 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
 - Oct. 2008 - Sep. 2010 : JSPS Research Fellow                  National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
 - Mar. 2008 - Jun. 2008 : Lecturer                                          Dep. of Astronomy and Space Science, Kyung Hee University
 - Apr. 2000 - Mar. 2004 : Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, Software Localization Division, Prolangs, Co. Ltd.


E-mail: nhwang at kasi.re.kr

Research works

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