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Science Program: Paper

Num Authors Title Bibliographic Code Facility Program ID
142 Jaewon Yoo, Jongwan Ko, Jae-... Intracluster light properties in a fossil cluster at z = 0.47 2021MNRAS.508.2634Y Gemini GN-2018A-Q-210
141 Marta L. Bryan, Eugene Chiang... Oliquity Constraints on the Planetary-mass Companion HD 106906 b 2021AJ....162..217B IGRINS
140 Natalie M. Gosnell, Michael A... Observationally Constraining the Starspot Properties of Magnetically Active M67 Sub-Subgiant S1063 arXiv:2111.05809 IGRINS
139 Hojin Cho et al. Ha Reverberation Mapping of the Intermediate-mass Active Galactic Nucleus in NGC 4395 2021ApJ...921...98C Gemini GN-2019A-Q-007 (GN-2019A-C-2)
138 Sung-Yong Yoon, Jeong-Eun Lee... Evidence of accretion burst: the viscously heated inner disk of the embedded protostar IRAF 16316-1540 2021ApJ...919..116Y IGRINS
137 Andrew W. Mann et al. TESS Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME) VI: an 11 Myr giant planet transiting a very low-mass star in Lower Centaurus Crux arXiv:2110.09531 IGRINS
136 Kyle F. Kaplan, Harriet L.... A Near-infrared Survey of UV-excieted Molecular Hydrogen in Photodissociation Regions 2021APJ...919...27K IGRINS
135 Hyejeon Cho, James M. Jee,... Multiwavelength Analysis of A1240, the Double Radio Relic Merging Galaxy Cluster Embedded in a ~80 Mpc-long Cosmic Filament arXiv:2109.06879 MMT MMT-2019A-004
134 Sunkyung Park et al. V899 Mon: a peculiar eruptive young star close to the end of its outburst arXiv:2109.11283 IGRINS GS-2020B-Q-218
133 Beomdu Lim, Yael Naze,... A kinematic perspective on the formation process of the stellar groups in the Rosette Nebula 2021AJ....162...56L MMT MMT-2019B-1
132 Lopez-Valdivia et al. The IGRINS YSO Survey I. Stellar parameters of pre-main sequence stars in Taurus-Auriga 2021ApJ...921...53L IGRINS
131 Il-Joong Kim, Heeyoung Oh,... High-resolution Near-infrared Spectroscopy of Diffuse Sources around MWC 1080 2021AJ....162...24K IGRINS
130 M. L. Arias, R. Vallverdu, A... High-resolution, near-infrared observations of B[e] supergiants 2021BAAA...62..104A IGRINS
129 C. G. Escudero, L. A. Sesto,... Diagnostico de la galaxia remanente de una fusion NGC 4382 2021BAAA...62..204E Gemini GN-2015A-Q-207
128 G. Fritz Benedict, Otto G.... Dissecting the Quadruple Binary Hyad vA 351 -- Masses for three M Dwarfs and a White Dwarf 2021AJ....161..285B IGRINS
127 S. R. Federman, Johnathan S.... The Transition from Diffuse Molecular Gas to Molecular cloud Material in Taurus 2021ApJ...914...59F IGRINS
126 Shih-Yun Tang, Asa Stahl,... IGRINS RV: A Python Package for Precisioni Radial Velocites with NEar-Infrared Spectra 2021JOSS....6.3095T IGRINS
125 Sasha Hinkley et al. Discovery of an Edge-on Circumstellar Debris Disk Around BD+45 598: a Newly Identified Member of the Beta Pictoris Moving Group 2021ApJ...912..115H IGRINS
124 Larissa A. Nofi, Christopher... Projected Rotational Velocities and Fundamental Properties of Low-mass Pre-main-sequence Stars in the Taurus-Auriga Star-forming Region 2021ApJ...911..138N IGRINS
123 Asa G. Stahl, Shih-Yun Tang,... IGRINS RV: A Precision RV Pipeline for IGRINS Using Modified Forward Modeling in the Near-Infrared 2021AJ....161..283S IGRINS
122 Christopher Sneden, Melike... Chemical Compositions of Red Giant Stars from Habitable Zone Planet Finder Spectroscopy 2021AJ....161..128S IGRINS
121 Yongjung Kim, Myungshin Im,... The Infrared Medium-deep Survey. VIII. Quasar Luminosity Function at z ~ 5 2020ApJ...904..111K Gemini GS-2018B-Q-217, GS-2019A-Q-218
120 Nils Ryde On the cosmic origin of Fluorine 2020JApA...41...34R IGRINS
119 K. H. Hinkle, T. Lebzelter, F... The M Supergiant High Mass X-ray Binary 4U 1954+31 2020ApJ...904..143H IGRINS
118 Yong-Hyun Lee, Bon-Chul Koo,... High-resolution Near-infrared Spectroscopic Study of Galactic Supernova Remnants. I. Kinematic Distances 2020AJ....160..263L IGRINS
117 Maryam Hussaini, Gregory N.... The Impact of Rotation Velocity on Measuring Magnetic Fields of K and M stars 2020RNAAS...4..241H IGRINS
116 Mijin Yoon, Wonki Lee, M.... Toward Solving the Puzzle: Dissecting the Complex Merger A521 with Multi-wavelength Data 2020ApJ...903..151Y MMT
115 Youkyung Ko, Myung Gyoon Lee... Mysterious Globular Cluster System of the Peculiar Massive Galaxy M85 2020ApJ...903..110K MMT 2016A-UAO-G4, 2016A-MMT-3
114 Donghoon Son, Jong-Hak Woo,... Spatially Resolved Kinematics of gas and stars in hidden type 1 AGNs 2020JKAS...53..103S MMT MMT-2015B-003
113 Sang Joon Kim, Chae Kyung Sim... Temporal variation of the 3-micron hydrocarbon emissions at the 8-micron north polar hot spot of Jupiter: Comparison with solar wind activity 2020Icar..34813852K Gemini GN-2018A-Q-221
112 Sunkyung Park, Jeong-Eun Lee... High-resolution Spectroscopic Monitoring Observations of FU Orionis-type Object, V960 Mon 2020ApJ...900...36P IGRINS
111 Beomdu Lim, Jongsuk Hong,... The origin of a distributed stellar population in the star-forming region W4 2020ApJ...899..121L MMT MMT-2018B-1
110 Aldo Mura-Guzman, D. Yong, C... Constraining Nucleosynthesis in Two CEMP Progenitors Using Fluorine 2020MNRAS.498.3549M IGRINS
109 V. Grisoni, D. Romano, E.... Fluorine in the solar neighborhood: modelling the Galactic thick and thin discs 2020MNRAS.498.1252G IGRINS
108 N. Kameswara Rao, David L.... Detection of CH+, CH and H2 Molecules in the Young Planetary Nebula IC 4997 2020PASP..132g4201R IGRINS
107 Caprice L. Phillips, Brendan... 2MASS J04435686+3723033 B: A Young Companion at the Substellar Boundary with Potential Membership in the β Pictoris Moving Group 2020ApJ...896..173P IGRINS
106 Eunchong Kim, Yujin Yang, Ann... What Makes Ly⍺ Nebulae Glow? Mapping the Polarization of LABd05 2020ApJ...894...33K MMT 2016A-MMT-2
105 Dohyeong Kim, Myungshin Im,... Gemini Multi-Object Sepctrograph Integral Field Unit Spectroscopy of the Double-peaked Broad Emission Line of a Red Active Galactic Nucleus 2020ApJ...894..126K Gemini GN-2018A-Q-222
104 Suhyun Shin, Myungshin Im,... The Infrared Medium-deep Survey. VII. Faint Quasars at z ~ 5 in the ELAIS_N1 Field 2020ApJ...893...45S MMT 2018B-UAO-G7
103 Hye-In Lee, Soojong Pak,... IGRINS Slit-viewing Camera Software 2020PASP..132d5001L IGRINS
102 Nils Ryde, Henrik Jonsson,... Fluorine in the Solar Neighborhood: The Need for Several Cosmic Sources 2020ApJ...893...37R IGRINS
101 Bo-Eun Choi, Seok-Jun Chang,... Line Formation of Raman-scattered He ii λ 4851 in an Expanding Spherical H i Shell in Young Planetary Nebulae 2020ApJ...889....2C CFHT cfht_14BK002
100 Yijung Kang, Young-Wook Lee,... Early-type Host Galaxies of Type Ia Supernovae. II. Evidence for Luminosity Evolution in Supernova Cosmology 2020ApJ...889....8K MMT, Gemini MMT_2014_00002, GS-2015B-Q-41, GN-2016A-Q-51
99 Kimberly R. Sokal,... The Mean Magnetic Field Strength of CI Tau 2020ApJ...888..116S IGRINS
98 G. Böcek Topcu, M. Afşar, C.... Chemical Abundaces of Open Clusters from Hight-resolution Infrared Spectra - II. NGC 752 2020MNRAS.491..544B IGRINS
97 Bon-Chul Koo, Hyun-Keong Kim... Detection of Pristine Circumstellar Material from the Cassiopeia A Supernova Progenitor 2020NatAs.tmp....4K IGRINS
96 Weija Sun, Eric W. Peng,... The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey. XVII. A Search for Planetary Nebulae in Virgo Cluster Globular Clusters 2019ApJ...885..145S MMT 14A-MMT003/2014A-UAO-G18
95 Eunkyu Han, Philip S.... Magnetic Inflation and Stellar Mass. IV. Four Low-mass Kepler Eclipsing Binaries Consistent with Non-magnetic Stellar Evolutionary Models 2019AJ....158..111H IGRINS
94 Feng Long, Gregory J. Herczeg... Compact Disks in a high-resoultion ALMA Survey of Dust Structures in the Taurus Molecular Cloud 2019ApJ...882...49L IGRINS
93 Young-Min Lee, Hee-Won Lee,... Stellar-wind accretion and Raman-scattered O VI features in the symbiotic star AG Draconis 2019MNRAS.487.2166L CFHT 14BK002
92 Brian F. Healy, Eunkyu Han,... Magnetic Inflation and Stellar Mass. III. Revised Parameters for the Component Stars fo NSVS 07394765 2019AJ....158...89H IGRINS
91 Benjamin Kidder, Gregory Mace... Radial Velocities of Low-mass Candidate TWA Members 2019ApJ...879...63K IGRINS
90 López-Valdivia, Ricardo; Mace... Effective Temperatures of Low-mass Stars from High-resolution H-band Spectroscopy 2019ApJ...879..105L IGRINS
89 Jiwon Chung, Soo-Chang Rey,... Formation of Blue-cored Dwarf Early-type Galaxies in a Cluster Environment: A Kinematical Perspective 2019ApJ...879...97C Gemini GN-2015A-Q-202
88 Böcek Topcu, G.; Afşar, M.;... Chemical abundances of open clusters from high-resolution infrared spectra - I. NGC 6940 2019MNRAS.485.4625B IGRINS
87 Tegler, S. C.; Stufflebeam,... A New Two-Molecule Combination Band as Diagnostic of Carbon Monoxide Diluted in Nitrogen Ice On Triton 2019AJ....158...17T IGRINS
86 Jong-Hak Woo, Hojin Cho,... A 10,000-solar-mass black hole in the nucleus of a bulgeless dwarf galaxy 2019NatAs...3..755W Gemini GN-2017A-Q-2
85 Guerço, Rafael; Cunha, Katia... Fluorine Abundances in the Globular Cluster M4 2019ApJ...876...43G IGRINS
84 Rongxin Luo, Jong-Hak Woo,... Unraveling the Complex Structure of AGN-driven Outflows. IV. Comparing AGNs with and without Strong Outflows 2019ApJ...874...99L Gemini GN-2016A-Q-19
83 Shin, Jaejin, Nagao, Tohru,... The Fe II/Mg II Flux Ratio of Low-luminosity Quasars at z ˜ 3 2019ApJ...874...22S Gemini GN-2015A-Q-203, GN-2017B-Q-53
82 Ko, Youkyung; Lee, Myung... A Wide-field Photometric Survey of Globular Clusters in the Peculiar Early-type Galaxy M85 2019ApJ...872..202K CFHT cfht_2014_00006
81 Yoon, Yongmin; Im, Myungshin... Extremely Massive Quasars Are Not Good Proxies for Dense Environments Compared to Massive Galaxies: Environments of Extremely Massive Quasars and Galaxies 2019ApJ...871...57Y MMT MMT-2015A-6
80 Kim, Yongjung; Im, Myungshin... The Infrared Medium-deep Survey. VI. Discovery of Faint Quasars at z ∼ 5 with a Medium-band-based Approach 2019ApJ...870...86K Gemini GS-2016B-Q-11, GS-2016B-Q46, GS-2017A-Q-19, GS-2018A-Q-220, and GN-2018A-Q-315
79 Melike Afşar, Chris Sneden,... High-resolution infrared spectroscopy of field Red Horizontal Branch stars 2018JMoSt1174....3A IGRINS
78 Piatti, A. E.; Hwang, Narae;... Accurate radial velocity and metallicity of the Large Magellanic Cloud old globular clusters NGC 1928 and NGC 1939 2018MNRAS.481...49P Gemini GS-2017B-Q-23
77 Lim, Beomdu; Rauw, Gregor;... Extended main sequence turn-off originating from a broad range of stellar rotational velocities 2018NatAs.tmp..156L MMT MMT-2017A-1
76 Kim, Dohyeong; Im,... Medium-resolution Optical and Near-infrared Spectral Atlas of 16 2MASS-selected NIR-red Active Galactic Nuclei at z ∼ 0.3 2018ApJS..238...37K Gemini GN-2015B-Q-51, GN-2016A-Q-86)
75 Park, Sunkyung; Lee, Jeong-... IGRINS Spectral Library 2018ApJS..238...29P IGRINS
74 Kang, Daeun, Woo, Jong-Hak Unraveling the Complex Structure of AGN-driven Outflows. III. The Outflow Size–Luminosity Relation 2018ApJ...864..124K Gemini GN-2015B-Q-92, GN-2015A-Q-204
73 Kim, Hyun-Jeong, Koo, Bon-... A Parsec-scale Bipolar H2 Outflow in the Massive Star-forming Infrared Dark Cloud Core MSXDC G053.11+00.05 MM1 2018ApJ...863...74K Gemini GN-2015B-Q-16
72 Oh, Sree; Kim, Keunho; Lee,... KYDISC: Galaxy Morphology, Quenching, and Mergers in the Cluster Environment 2018ApJS..237...14O CFHT Phase 1
71 Madonna, Simone; Bautista,... Neutron-capture Elements in Planetary Nebulae: First Detections of Near-infrared [Te III] and [Br V] Emission Lines 2018ApJ...861L...8M IGRINS
70 Kesseli, Aurora Y.; Muirhead... Magnetic Inflation and Stellar Mass. II. On the Radii of Single, Rapidly Rotating, Fully Convective M-Dwarf Stars 2018AJ....155..225K IGRINS
69 Ko, Youkyung; Lee, Myung... Gemini/GMOS Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in the Merger Remnant Galaxy M85 2018ApJ...859..108K CFHT; Gemini 14AK06 (cfht_2014_00006); GN-2015A-Q-207 (GEMINI-KR-2015A-046)
68 Carleo, I.; Benatti, S.;... Multi-band high resolution spectroscopy rules out the hot Jupiter BD+20 1790b. First data from the FIARPS Commissioning 2018A&A...613A..50C IGRINS
67 Oh, Heeyoung; Pyo, Tae-Soo;... High-resolution near-IR Spectral mapping with H_2 and [Fe II] lines of Multiple Outflows around LkHα 234 2018ApJ...858...23O IGRINS
66 Lee, Joon Hyeop; Pak, Mina;... Color Dispersion as an Indicator of Stellar Population Complexity: Insights from the Pixel Color-Magnitude Diagrams of 32 Bright Galaxies in Abell 1139 and Abell 2589 2018ApJ...857..102L CFHT Phase 1
65 Scott, T. C.; Lagos, P.;... Arp 202: a TDG formed in a parent's extended dark matter halo? 2018MNRAS.475.1148S Gemini GN-2015B-Q-65 (GEMINI-KR-2015B-011)
64 Lim, Beomdu; Sung, Hwankyung... Kinematic evidence for feedback-driven star formation in NGC 1893 2018MNRAS.477.1993L MMT; IGRINS 2016A-MMT-1
63 Kim, Yongjung; Im, Myungshin... The Infrared Medium-deep Survey. IV. Low Eddington Ratio of A Faint Quasar at z ~ 6: Not Every Supermassive Black Hole is Growing Fast in the Early Universe 2018ApJ...855..138K Gemini GEMINI-KR-2015A-023
62 Winters, Jennifer G.; Irwin,... LHS 1610A: A Nearby Mid-M Dwarf with a Companion That Is Likely a Brown Dwarf 2018AJ....155..125W IGRINS
61 Mace, Gregory N.; Mann,... Wolf 1130: A Nearby Triple System Containing a Cool, Ultramassive White Dwarf 2018ApJ...854..145M IGRINS
60 Sokal, Kimberly R.; Deen,... Characterizing TW Hydra 2018ApJ...853..120S IGRINS
59 Mann, Andrew W.; Vanderburg... Zodiacal Exoplanets in Time (ZEIT). VI. A Three-planet System in the Hyades Cluster Including an Earth-sized Planet 2018AJ....155....4M IGRINS
58 Le, Huynh Anh N.; Woo, Jong-... Ionized-gas Kinematics Along the Large-scale Radio Jets in Type-2 AGNs 2017ApJ...851....8L MMT mmt_2015A_00005
57 Deshev, Boris; Finoguenov,... Galaxy evolution in merging clusters: The passive core of the "Train Wreck" cluster of galaxies, A520 2017A&A...607A.131D MMT 14B-MMT001 (mmt_2014_00001)
56 Jeon, Yiseul; Im, Myungshin;... The Infrared Medium-deep Survey. III. Survey of Luminous Quasars at 4.7<z<5.4 2017ApJS..231...16J Gemini GN-2015B-Q-77 (Gemini_KR-2015B-005)
55 Kim, Minjin; Ho, Luis C.; Im... Ionized Gas Kinematics around an Ultra-luminous X-ray Source in NGC 5252 : Additional Evidence for an Off-nuclear AGN 2017ApJ...844L..21K Gemini GN-2015A-Q-201 (GEMINI-KR-2015A-004)
54 Lee, Joon Hyeop; Oh, Sree;... Pixel Color--Magnitude Diagram Analysis of the Brightest Cluster Galaxies in Dynamically Young and Old Clusters Abell 1139 and Abell 2589 2017ApJ...844...81L CFHT Phase 1
53 Lyo, A.-Ran; Kim, Jongsoo;... Inner Warm Disk of ESO Halpha 279a Revealed by NA i and CO Overtone Emission Lines 2017ApJ...844....4L IGRINS
52 Shin, Jihey; Shim, Hyunjin;... Clustering of Extremely Red Objects in the Subaru GTO 2deg Field 2017JKAS...50...61S CFHT 14AK001 (cfht_2014_00001)
51 Kim, Yoonyoung; Ishiguro,... New observational evidence of active asteroid P/2010 A2: Slow rotation of the largest fragment 2017ApJ...842L..23K Gemini GN-2016B-Q-14
50 Robinson, Edward L.; Froning... The Spectrum of SS 433 in the H and K Bands 2017ApJ...841...79R IGRINS
49 Sung, Hwankyung; Bessell,... An Optical and Infrared Photometric Study of the Young Open Cluster IC 1805 in the Giant H ii Region W4 2017ApJS..230....3S CFHT
48 Le, Huynh Anh N.; Pak,... Fluorescent H_2 Emission Lines from the Reflection Nebula NGC 7023 Observed with IGRINS 2017ApJ...841...13L IGRINS
47 Kaplan, Kyle F.; Dinerstein,... Excitation of Molecular Hydrogen in the Orion Bar Photodissociation Region from a Deep Near-infrared IGRINS Spectrum 2017ApJ...838..152K IGRINS
46 Lacy, John H.; Sneden,... H_2, CO, and Dust Absorption through Cold Molecular Clouds 2017ApJ...838...66L IGRINS
45 Bae, Hyun-Jin; Woo, Jong-Hak... The Limited Impact of Outflows: Integral-field Spectroscopy of 20 Local AGNs 2017ApJ...837...91B Gemini GN-2015AQ-204 (Gemini_KR-2015A-018)
44 Ko, Youkyung; Hwang, Ho Seong... To the Edge of M87 and Beyond: Spectroscopy of Intracluster Globular Clusters and Ultracompact Dwarfs in the Virgo Cluster 2017ApJ...835..212K MMT mmt_2014_00003
43 Gully-Santiago, Michael A.;... Placing the Spotted T Tauri Star LkCa 4 on an HR Diagram 2017ApJ...836..200G IGRINS


Science Program: Presentation

Num Authors Title Reference Facility Program ID
11 Lee, Yong-Hyun; Koo, Bon-Chul... Near-Infrared [Fe II] and H2 Study of the Galactic Supernova Remnants 2018 AAS Meeting 231, 241.05 IGRINS
10 Lee, Hye-In; Pak, Soojong;... Center Finding Algorithm on slit mask point source for IGRINS (Immersion GRating INfrared Spectrograph) 2017 AAS Meeting 230, 117.21 IGRINS
9 Mace, Gregory; Kim, Hwihyun;... 300 nights of science with IGRINS at McDonald Observatory 2016 SPIE Conference 99080C IGRINS
8 Oh, Seulhee, Yi, Sukyoung K. Progress Report : Investigation on the Morphology of Cluster Galaxies 2015 PKAS 30, 529 CFHT
7 Lee, M. G. et al. Near-Infrared Pilot Study toward Protostellar Jets in the Carina Nebula 2015 AAS Meeting 225, 247.09 MMT
6 KIM, MYO JIN; CHUNG, AEREE;... a Study of Dwarf Galaxies Embedded in a Large-Scale Hɪ Ring in the Leo i Group 2015 PKAS 30.2.517 CFHT
5 Karouzos, M. et al. Revealing the complexity of ionized gas outflows in powerful Type 2 AGN in the local Universe 2015 KAS Meeting 40, 32 Gemini
4 Ko, Y. et al. How did the merger remnant galaxy M85 form?: A follow-up spectroscopy for M85 globular clusters 2015 KAS Meeting 40, 33 Gemini, CFHT
3 Ko, Youkyung; Lee, Myung... A Wide-Field Photometric Survey of Globular Clusters in the Merger Remnant M85 2015AAS...22524703K CFHT
2 Sohn, J. et al. A Progress Report on the MMT/Hectospec Observation 2014 KAS Meeting 39, 2.54 MMT
1 Ko, Jongwan, Utsumi, Yousuke... Testing Gravitational Weak-lensing Maps with Galaxy Redshift Surveys: preliminary results 2014 KAS Meeting 39, 2.45 CFHT