K-GMT Science Group Scientist

Soung-Chul Yang (양성철)

I’m an observational astronomer whose research interest covers from the resolved stellar populations in the Local Group galaxies, galaxy formation & evolution, and to the cosmic distance scale.

I was born in a hot summer day in Seoul, Korea.  Remembering my childhood, I was a happy kid who loved to spend most of time in playground with friends. I always love mountains, creeks and trees. I love animals, birds, butterflies and beetles. Especially, I love to watch night skies – all kinds of stars & galaxies. And above all, I love God, my heavenly Father who created me, all of these beautiful natures on the Earth, and the endless Universe with full of wonders.

E-mail: sczoo at kasi.re.kr

Research works

Authors Title Bibliographic Code
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Tanakul, N., Yang,... RR Lyrae Variables in M33: two new fields and an analysis of the galaxy’s population submitted to MNRAS
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