Recent works

Authors Title Bibliographic Code
Cho, Kihyun; Hong, Sungwook E.; Stewart, Ewan D... CMB spectral distortion constraints on thermal inflation 2017JCAP...08..002C
Li, Xiao-Dong; Park, Changbom; Sabiu, Cristiano G... Cosmological Constraints from the Redshift Dependence of the Volume Effect Using the Galaxy 2-point Correlation Function across the Line of Sight 2017ApJ...844...91L
Lim et al. The Initial Mass Function of Young Open Clusters in the Galaxy: A Preliminary Result 2017IAUS..316..357L
Appleby, Stephen; Park, Changbom; Hong, Sungwook... Topology of Large-Scale Structures of Galaxies in two Dimensions—Systematic Effects 2017ApJ...836...45A
Ocvirk, Pierre; Gillet, Nicolas; Shapiro, Paul R... Cosmic Dawn (CoDa): the First Radiation-Hydrodynamics Simulation of Reionization and Galaxy Formation in the Local Universe 2016MNRAS.463.1462O

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