Ph.D. Student

Hye-Ran Lee (이혜란)

외부은하 및 은하단 관측연구 (광학천문)

Observational study of the extragalaxies and galaxy clusters

E-mail: hrlee at

Research works

Authors Title Bibliographic Code
Lee, Joon Hyeop;... Color Dispersion as an Indicator of Stellar Population Complexity: Insights from the Pixel Color–Magnitude Diagrams of 32 Bright Galaxies in Abell 1139 and Abell 2589 2018ApJ...857..102L
Lee, Hye-Ran; Lee,... Small-scale Conformity of the Virgo Cluster Galaxies 2016ApJ...823...73L
Kim, Myo Jin; Chung... A Study of Dwarf Galaxies Embedded in a Large-Scale Hɪ Ring in the Leo i Group 2015PKAS...30..517K
Lee, Joon Hyeop;... Measurable Relationship between Bright Galaxies and Their Faint Companions in WHL J085910.0+294957, a Galaxy Cluster at z = 0.30 2014ApJ...791...82L