K-GMT Science Group Scientist

Hyerim Noh (노혜림)

1984: Astronomy Deptartment, Seoul National University (B.S.)

1988: Astronomy Department, Univ. of Texas at Austin (M.S.)

1992: Astronomy  Department, Univ. of Texas at Austin(Ph'D)

Research Fields::

Cosmology (Cosmological Perturbations in General Relativity, CMB, Large Scale Structure Formtion, Dark Energy, Inflation model),

Planet formation ("Gravitational  Instabilities in a Protoplanaetary Disk" (Ph'D Thesis)


E-mail: hr at kasi.re.kr

Research works

Authors Title Bibliographic Code
Hwang, Jai-chan;... Non-linear power spectra in the synchronous gauge 2015JCAP...05..055H
Park, Chan-Gyung;... Observational effects of the early episodically dominating dark energy 2014PhRvD..90h3526P
Hwang, Jai-chan;... Newtonian hydrodynamics in the comoving gauge 2014PhRvD..90b7503H
Noh, Hyerim Fully nonlinear and exact perturbations of the Friedmann world model: non-flat background 2014JCAP...07..037N
Hwang, Jai-chan;... Newtonian hydrodynamics with general relativistic pressure 2013JCAP...10..054H
Hwang, Jai-chan;... Fully non-linear and exact perturbations of the Friedmann world model 2013MNRAS.433.3472H
Noh, Hyerim Cosmological post-Newtonian equations from nonlinear perturbation theory 2013JCAP...08..040N
Noh, Hyerim, Chan-... Axion as a cold dark matter candidate: proof to second order 2013PhLB..726..559N
Hwang, Jai-chan and... Newtonian limit of fully nonlinear cosmological perturbations in Einstein's gravity 2013JCAP...04..035H
Hwang, Jai-chan;... Cosmologically designed modified gravity theory 2013PhRvD..87d3529H
Noh, Hyerim; Jai-... Axion as a cold dark matter candidate: Analysis to third order perturbation for classical axion 2015JCAP...12..016N