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Science Program: Paper

Num Authors Title Bibliographic Code Facility Program ID
42 Galazutdinov, G. A.; Lee, Jae... Infrared diffuse interstellar bands 2017MNRAS.467.3099G IGRINS
41 Karouzos, Marios; Woo, Jong-... Unravelling the Complex Structure of AGN-driven Outflows. II. Photoionization and Energetics 2016ApJ...833..171K Gemini GN-2015AQ-204 (Gemini_KR-2015A-018)
40 Lee, Young-Min; Lee, Dae-Sub... A Monte Carlo Study of Flux Ratios of Raman Scattered O vi Features at 6825 and 7082 Å in Symbiotic Stars 2016ApJ...833...75L CFHT 14BK002
39 Oh, Heeyoung; Pyo, Tae-Soo;... Three-dimensional Shock Structure of the Orion KL Outflow with IGRINS 2016ApJ...833..275O IGRINS
38 Lim, Beomdu; Sung, Hwankyung... A Constraint on the Formation Timescale of the Young Open Cluster NGC 2264: Lithium Abundance of Pre-main Sequence Stars 2016ApJ...831..116L MMT mmt_2015A_00001, MMT-2015B-005
37 Lee, Seokho; Lee, Jeong-Eun... IGRINS spectroscopy of Class I sources: IRAS 03445+3242 and IRAS 04239+2436 2016ApJ...826..179L IGRINS
36 Afşar, Melike; Sneden, ... The Chemical Compositions of Very Metal-poor Stars HD 122563 and HD 140283: A View from the Infrared 2016ApJ...819..103A IGRINS
35 Heeyoung Oh , Tae-Soo Pyo ,... IGRINS Near-IR High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Multiple Jets around LkHα 234 2016ApJ...817..148O IGRINS
34 Karouzos, Marios; Woo, Jong-... Unravelling the complex structure of AGN-driven outflows: I. Kinematics and sizes 2016ApJ...819..148K Gemini GN-2015A-Q-204 (Gemini_KR-2015A-018)
33 Gullikson, Kevin; Kraus,... Direct Spectral Detection: An Efficient Method to Detect and Characterize Binary Systems 2016AJ....151....3G IGRINS
32 Kim, Yongjung; Im, Myungshin... Discovery of a Faint Quasar at z ∼ 6 and Implications for Cosmic Reionization 2015ApJ...813L..35K Gemini GS-2015A-Q-201 (Gemini_KR-2015A-032)
31 Lee, Jeong-Eun; Park,... High Resolution Optical and NIR Spectra of HBC 722 2015ApJ...807...84L IGRINS
30 Lee, Myung Gyoon; Sohn, Jubee... Optical Spectroscopy of Supernova Remnants in M81 and M82 2015ApJ...804...63L MMT 14-MMT-004
29 Lee, Jae-Joon; Koo, Bon-Chul... UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for Fe+ 2014MNRAS.443.2650L UKIRT Phase 1
28 Shinn, Jong-Ho; Kim, Kee-Tae... [Fe II] 1.64 μm Imaging Observations of the Outflow Features around Ultracompact H II Regions in the First Galactic Quadrant 2014ApJS..214...11S UKIRT Phase 1
27 Shinn, Jong-Ho; Pyo, Tae-Soo... [Fe II] 1.64 μm Features of Jets and Outflows from Young Stellar Objects in the Carina Nebula 2013ApJ...777...45S AAT Phase 1
26 Lee, S. H.; Kang, Y.-W.; Ann... Deep and wide photometry of two open clusters NGC 1245 and NGC 2506: dynamical evolution and halo 2013MNRAS.432.1672L CFHT Phase1
25 Lee, S. H.; Kang, Y.-W.; Ann... Deep and wide photometry of the two open clusters NGC 1245 and NGC 2506: CCD observation and physical properties 2012MNRAS.425.1567L CFHT Phase1
24 Hwang, Narae; Lee, Myung... Extended Star Clusters in the Remote Halo of the Intriguing Dwarf Galaxy NGC 6822 2011ApJ...738...58H CFHT Phase1
23 Kim, E.; Kim, M.; Hwang, N... A wide-field survey of satellite galaxies around the spiral galaxy M106 2011MNRAS.412.1881K CFHT Phase1
22 Chun, S.-H.; Kim, J.-W.; Shin... Near-infrared properties of metal-poor globular clusters in the Galactic bulge direction 2010A&A...518A..15C CFHT Phase1
21 Chun, Sang-Hyun; Kim, Jae-Woo... A Wide-Field Photometric Survey for Extratidal Tails Around Five Metal-Poor Globular Clusters in the Galactic Halo 2010AJ....139..606C CFHT Phase1
20 Son, Dong-Hoon; Hyung, Siek;... Streaming Circumnuclear Gas of the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 5728 2009JKAS...42..125S CFHT Phase1
19 Son, D.-H.; Hyung, S.;... The kinematics of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC5728 circumnuclear region 2009MNRAS.395..692S CFHT Phase1
18 Gu, M. F.; Pak, S.; Ho, L. C. Estimating black hole masses in young radio sources using CFHT spectroscopy 2009AN....330..253G CFHT Phase1
17 Lee, Myung Gyoon; Hwang, Ho... The Globular Cluster System of M60 (NGC 4649). I. Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope MOS Spectroscopy and Database 2008ApJ...674..857L CFHT Phase1
16 Hwang, Ho Seong; Lee, Myung... The Globular Cluster System of M60 (NGC 4649). II. Kinematics of the Globular Cluster System 2008ApJ...674..869H CFHT Phase1
15 Sung, Hwankyung; Bessell,... The Initial Mass Function and Young Brown Dwarf Candidates in NGC 2264. III. Photometric Data 2008AJ....135..441S CFHT Phase1
14 Shim, Hyunjin; Im, Myungshin... Massive Lyman Break Galaxies at z ~ 3 in the Spitzer Extragalactic First Look Survey 2007ApJ...669..749S CFHT Phase1
13 Hwang, Narae; Lee, Myung... An Optical Source Catalog of the North Ecliptic Pole Region 2007ApJS..172..583H CFHT Phase1
12 Kim, J.-W.; Kang, A.; Rhee, J... Deep near-IR photometry of eight metal-poor globular clusters in the Galactic bulge and halo 2006A&A...459..499K CFHT Phase1
11 Kang, A.; Sohn, Y.-J.; Kim, H... The evolved asymptotic giant branch stars in the central bar of the dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 6822 2006A&A...454..717K CFHT Phase1
10 Shim, Hyunjin; Im, Myungshin... Deep u*- and g-Band Imaging of the Spitzer Space Telescope First Look Survey Field: Observations and Source Catalogs 2006ApJS..164..435S CFHT Phase1
9 Sohn, Y.-J.; Kang, A.; Rhee,... Near-IR photometry of asymptotic giant branch stars in the dwarf elliptical galaxy NGC 147 2006A&A...445...69S CFHT Phase1
8 Lee, Hee-Won; Jung, Yang-... Raman-scattered He II λλ4850, 6545 in the Young and Compact Planetary Nebula IC 5117 2006ApJ...636.1045L CFHT Phase1
7 Galazutdinov, G. A.; Han,... Profiles of Very Weak Diffuse Interstellar Bands around 6440 Å 2005ApJ...629..299G CFHT Phase1
6 Kang, A.; Sohn, Y.-J.; Rhee... Near-IR photometry of asymptotic giant branch stars in the dwarf elliptical galaxy NGC 185 2005A&A...437...61K CFHT Phase1
5 Sung, Hwankyung; Bessell,... The Initial Mass Function and Young Brown Dwarf Candidates in NGC 2264. I. The Initial Mass Function around S Monocerotis 2004AJ....128.1684S CFHT Phase1
4 Lee, Hee-Won; Sohn, Young-... Raman-scattered He II λ6545 Line in the Symbiotic Star V1016 Cygni 2003ApJ...598..553L CFHT Phase1
3 Sohn, Young-Jong; Park, Jang-... Wide-Field Stellar Distributions around the Remote Young Galactic Globular Clusters Palomar 3 and Palomar 4 2003AJ....126..803S CFHT Phase1
2 Lee, Myung Gyoon; Park, Hong... Deep Wide-Field BVI CCD Photometry of the Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 2003AJ....126.2840L CFHT Phase1