IGRINS (Immersion GRating Infrared Spectrograph) is a high-resolution (R ~ 45,000), near-infrared (H and K simultaneously) spectrograph developed by Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute and the University of Texas at Austin. From September 2017, IGRINS will be visiting Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT), operated by Lowell Observatory, for about 5 months (until Jan 2018). During this visit, we anticipate ~15 queue nights for UT and Korean astronomers before the end of January 2018 when IGRINS leaves the DCT. Science requests by Korean astronomers are welcome. If you want to propose a program larger than one night that does not fit in the queue, please contact the IGRINS team at KASI for discussion.

Some important information is as follows:

- Telescope/Instrument : DCT 4.3m / IGRINS

- Deadlines for queue request
      * Queue requests are welcome at any time (but see the request form page for more details)

- Period of Observations : Nov 2016 - Jan 2017

For more details, please visit IGRINS Call for Proposal web page: http://kgmt.kasi.re.kr/kgmtscience/content/igrins-call-queue-request-dct-nov-2017-jan-2018