Download new OPERA Makefiles

  • At Gemini we only take arcs and flats in normal read mode. We do not take slow mode flats/arcs unless requested by the user. This means that we have an external script to sort the data and trick Opera into thinking that the arcs/flats are in the correct mode. To use our Makefiles with your version of opera for slow read mode data, you will need to change the headers of the arcs/flats to say that they were taken in slow read mode.
  • Because we use the normal read mode for flats, the opera gain/read noise estimates may be incorrect. While dragraces does not use the gain to convert the data into electrons, opera does. This does have implications for some users, particularly now that we have 2 amplifiers which will have different gains.
  • Ideally, you will want to change the normalization masks to represent your targets instead of the general one that we use.