Former IGRINS Postdoctor (Sep 2013 - Dec 2016)

Hwihyun Kim (김휘현)

Assistant Scientist of Gemini  South Observory (Dec 2016 -)
Current Email address is hkim at gemini dot edu

Research works

Authors Title Bibliographic Code
Blair, William P.;... A Newly Recognized Very Young Supernova Remnant in M83 2015ApJ...800..118B
Andrews, J. E.;... Big Fish in Small Ponds: Massive Stars in the Low-mass Clusters of M83 2014ApJ...793....4A
Elmegreen, Debra... Hierarchical Star Formation in Nearby LEGUS Galaxies 2014ApJ...787L..15E
iu, Guilin;... Extinction and Dust Geometry in M83 H II Regions: An Hubble Space Telescope/WFC3 Study 2013ApJ...778L..41L
Gouliermis,... Hierarchical star formation across the ring galaxy NGC 6503 2015MNRAS.452.3508G