Former K-GMT Science Group Postdoctor (Sep 2015 - Aug 2018) [Alumni]

Hyunbae Park (박현배)

is in charge of
 - developing cosmology related topics with the GMT.
 - managing the K-GMT Science website (i.e. this website).
 - supporting other K-GMT Science relate businesses.

 - epoch of reionization
 - cosmic microwave background temperature anisotropy from kinetic Sunyaev-Zel`dovich effect
 - cosmological constraints from redshift surveys

More details can be found from the CV linked here.

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Hyunbae works in room # 318 of Jangyeongsil Hall.



Research works

Authors Title Bibliographic Code
Dawoodbhoy, Taha;... Suppression of Star Formation in Low-Mass Galaxies Caused by the Reionization of their Local Neighborhood 2018MNRAS.tmp.1847D
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Li, Xiao-Dong; Park... Cosmological Constraints from the Redshift Dependence of the Volume Effect Using the Galaxy 2-point Correlation Function across the Line of Sight 2017ApJ...844...91L
Park, Hyunbae;... The Impact of baryonic physics on the kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect 2018ApJ...853..121P
Ocvirk, Pierre;... Cosmic Dawn (CoDa): the First Radiation-Hydrodynamics Simulation of Reionization and Galaxy Formation in the Local Universe 2016MNRAS.463.1462O
Park, Hyunbae;... The Hydrodynamic Feedback of Cosmic Reionization on Small-Scale Structures and Its Impact on Photon Consumption during the Epoch of Reionization 2016ApJ...831...86P
Li, Xiao-Dong; Park... Cosmological Constraints from the Redshift Dependence of the Alcock-Paczynski Effect: Application to the SDSS-III BOSS DR12 Galaxies 2016ApJ...832..103L
Park, Hyunbae;... The Impact of Nonlinear Structure Formation on the Power Spectrum of Transverse Momentum Fluctuations and the Kinetic Sunyaev-Z 2016ApJ...818...37P
Park, Hyunbae;... The Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect as a Probe of the Physics of Cosmic Reionization: The Effect of Self-regulated Reionizatio 2013ApJ...769...93P
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