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K-GMT Science Program Users Meeting 2020
11/19 (Thu)
12:00 Test + Registration
1:00 Hyung Mok Lee Opening Remark
Session: K-GMT Facilities
(Chair: Soung-Chul Yang)
1:10 Narae Hwang K-GMT Science Program: Status and Future Perspective
Heeyoung Oh
Chan Park
IGRINS Operation
IGRINS-2: New IGRINS for Gemini Telescopes
2:10 Screen shot + Break + Poster
Session: K-GMT Science 1 - Star/Milky Way
(Chair: Sang-Hyun Chun)
2:40 Young Sun Lee Chemical and Dynamical Properties of Extremely Metal-Poor ([Fe/H] < -3.0) Stars Observed with Gemini/GRACES
3:00 Beomdu Lim The Gaia-Hectochelle survey of the Galactic OB associations
3:20 Sunkyung Park High-resolution near-infrared spectroscopic survey of FU Orionis-type objects
3:40 Seungsoo Hong Spectroscopic Survey for Bulge Red Clump Stars: New Insights on the Structure and Formation of the Milky Way Bulge
4:00 Break
Session: K-GMT Science 2 - Galaxies/Galaxy Cluster
(Chair: Yun-Kyeong Sheen)
4:20 Youkyung Ko Wide-field Kinematics of the Globular Cluster System in the Peculiar Massive Galaxy M85
4:40 Jisu Kang Are Nearby Massive Compact Elliptical Galaxies Local Analogs of Red Nuggets?
5:00 Ho Seong Hwang An MMT/Hectospec survey of mid-infrared detected galaxies in the AKARI North Ecliptic Pole region
5:20 Session: Q&A + Discussion
(Chair: Ji Yeon Seok)
5:50 Closing Day 1
11/20 (Fri)
9:00 Test
Session: Gemini
(Chair: Narae Hwang)
9:30 John Blakeslee A Sampling of Recent Science Results from the Gemini Partnership
10:00 Scot Kleinman Gemini current and future instruments
Soung-Chul Yang
André-Nicolas Chené
Korea Gemini Office Operation
User Support update (in collaboration with Soung-Chul)
11:00 Kathleen Labrie Introduction to DRAGONS
11:20 Q&A to Gemini
11:30 Screen shot + Break
Session: K-GMT Science 3 - Cosmology/Galaxy Cluster
(Chair: Ho Seong Hwang)
11:50 Yijung Kang Correlation between Hubble Residual of Type Ia Supernovae and the Stellar Population Age of Their Early-type Host Galaxies
12:10 Jubee Sohn Massive Cluster Surveys with Hectospec: Lesson from A2029
12:30 Kyle Finner Probing the Galaxy Populations of Merging Galaxy Clusters from Filaments to the Core
12:50 Lunch Break
Session: K-GMT Science 4 - AGN/BH
(Chair: Minjin Kim)
2:00 Dohyeong Kim A possible merging SMBH system at the center of a red AGN 1659+1834
2:20 Yongjung Kim Hunting for Faint High-redshift Quasars with Infrared Medium-deep Survey
2:40 Hojin Cho Spectroscopic Reverberation Mapping of the Intermediate-Mass AGN in NGC 4395
3:00 Narae Hwang Closing Remark
3:10 Closing Day2