K-GMT SP Call for Proposals / 2023B

K-GMT Science Group (KGSG) invites proposals for observations with Gemini for the K-GMT Science Program. The number of nights available are as follows:

Table 1 - Available telescope time for 2023B semester


Available # of nights

Gemini 154 hrs = 85 hrs (North) + 69 hrs (South) # Time available for this Call (excluding time for Fast Turnaround program)

* Note: Fast Turnaround (FT)  Programs provides monthly opportunities to submit proposals. The submitted proposals are reviewed by the peer PIs who submit FT proposals. Successful programs scheduled for observation starting one month after each proposal deadline. We strongly recommend Korean Gemini Users to apply for the FT program if observing programs have an adequate length of observing time for the FT. The time available for FT program in 2023B is 5 hrs for Gemini-N and 5 hrs for Gemini-S. At Gemini South, the Fast Turnaround (FT) time in the second half of the semester is expected to be used for a special call for GHOST proposals only. Chilean FT time is reserved for this special call.. 

  • Observing period
    • Gemini : 2023B (Aug. to Jan.)
  • There is no limit on the fields of science that prospect proposals shall aim to address. However, preference will be given to proposals with sciences that can be applicable to GMT in the near future.
  • The prospect proposers are advised to understand and follow the K-GMT Science Program guidelines. In particular, please be aware of the data handling & authorship policy.

Table 2 - Schedule and Deadlines for the 2023B.

Event Date
CfP Release 3 Mar. 2023
Proposal Submission Deadline 23:59 KST, 3 Apr. 2023
Peer Review Apr. - Early May 2023
Selected Proposals Announced mid May 2023
Phase 2 available 15 Jun. 2023
Phase 2 PI deadline 19 Jul. 2023

Please refer to CfP page for individual telescopes for more details.