K-GMT Science Program Guidelines for Gemini

Investigator Policy
  • The eligible PI’s of the proposals are researchers affiliated with Korean research institutes or universities. However, at least one researcher affiliated with Korean research institutes or universities holding a position in the level of assistant professors(조교수)/staff researchers(선임연구원) or higher must join the proposal as PI or Co-I.
  • If the PI is a graduate student, then his or her supervising professor should join the proposal and must be identified.
Proposal evaluation and Time Assignment
  • The proposals will be reviewed by independent Review Committee and time will be awarded to qualified proposals.
  • Due to the complicated nature of the scheduling (see call for proposal page for details), even some of the qualified proposals may be only partially scheduled.
  • A fraction of nights may be assigned to KASI programs.
How to Get Help
  • Our contact point regarding any questions that you might have when you prepare proposals for Gemini is Joanna Thomas-Osip (jthomas@gemini.edu) . She will forward your inquiries to a proper person at Gemini and help with the communication.
  • Anyhow, we advise the Korean community to include KASI contact [kgmtprop@kasi.re.kr] in their inquiries to Gemini so that KASI can estimate the level of support service required by the community for its future Gemini operation.
  • For any other questions or comments, please contact us by kgmtprop@kasi.re.kr.

The use of data taken through this program requires the following acknowledgment in any paper or presentation.

This work was supported by K-GMT Science Program (PID: [YOUR_PROGRAM_ID]) of Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI).

In addtion, you should include the general acknowledgment for the telescope. Please refer the following page for relevant information.