K-GMT Science Program Users Meeting 2018


We, on behalf of all members of Center for Large Telescopes (CfLAT) in Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI), cordially invite you all to the “K-GMT Science Program Users Meeting 2018.” This will be the 2nd Users Meeting after the first one that was successfully held in March 2017. We aim to use the K-GMT Science Program Users Meeting as an opportunity to present your scientific results, progress, and observing plans of your new project, and to share your experiences and thoughts on the K-GMT Science Program with other community users as well as CfLAT members. We also welcome prospect and potential future users to the meeting. You can share your idea on your future project, and we are more than happy to assist you in realizing your idea. Your participations and engagements are very crucial to the success of K-GMT Science Program that aspires to constitute a major Korean Large Optical facility, empowering various and competitive scientific projects of Korean community members.


As a special event for Users Meeting 2018, we are going to invite several guests from Gemini Observatory, and they are going to show the current status and future plan of Gemini Observatory, and will communicate directly with K-GMT Science Program users by answering to any question of yours. Therefore, we believe this will be the best chance for our users to learn more about Gemini Observatory and to understand what we will be able to do with various observing modes of Gemini Observatory that should be available to Korean community members, hopefully in the near future.


Join us and ask us! We will listen to you!


Users Meeting Organizing Committee
Center for Large Telescopes (CfLAT)


  • When: Feb. 26 - 27, 2018

  • Where: Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) in Daejeon

  • Program: Here

  • Registration: Closed

  • Invited Speakers from Gemini Observatory and AURA

    • Dr. Laura Ferrarese : Gemini Director

    • Dr. Henry Roe : Gemini Deputy Director

    • Dr. John Blakeslee : Gemini Chief Scientist

    • Dr. Hwihyun Kim : Gemini Assistant Scientist

    • Dr. Andre-Nicholas Chene : Gemini Assistant Astronomer

    • Dr. Christopher Davis : NSF/AST Program Director

    • Dr. Heidi Hammel : AURA Executive Vice President


Organizing Committee (OC) members: Soung-Chul Yang (LOC Chair), Minjin Kim (SOC Chair), Sungwook Hong (LOC Co-chair), Ho-Gyu Lee, Jae-Joon Lee, Yejin Kim, Hyunbae Park, Narae Hwang
LOC Contact at Gemini: Hwihyun Kim


For any inquiry, please contact: kgmtscience@kasi.re.kr