February 26 (Monday)

Time Program
11:30 ~ 12:30 Registration
12:30 ~ 13:30 Lunch
13:30 ~ 13:40 Welcome Remarks: Hyung Mok Lee (KASI President)
Session 1: Overview of Gemini Observatory I (chair: Young-Wook Lee)
13:40 ~ 13:55 Narae Hwang(KASI): K-GMT Science Program: Status and Future Perspectives
13:55 ~ 14:15 Laura Ferrarese(Gemini): Gemini Observatory: Current Status and Future Directions
14:15 ~ 14:35 Henry Roe(Gemini): Instrumentation at Gemini Observatory
14:35 ~ 14:55 John Blakeslee(Gemini): Gemini Science Highlights and Strategic Planning
14:55 ~ 15:15 Christopher Davis(NSF): Gemini - NSF’s Flagship OIR Facility
15:15 ~ 15:25 Heidi Hammel(AURA): The Importance of Gemini within AURA's Portfolio
15:25 ~ 15:40 Coffee Break and Group Photo Taking
Session 2: Overview of Gemini Observatory II (chair: Soung-Chul Yang)
15:40 ~ 16:00 Hwihyun Kim(Gemini): Science and Career Opportunities at Gemini
16:00 ~ 17:00 André-Nicolas Chené(Gemini): Overview of the Gemini Science User Experience
17:00 ~ 18:00 Discussion
18:00 ~          Banquet


February 27 (Tuesday)

Time Program
Session 1: Solar System and Galactic Astronomy (chair: Young Sun Lee)
09:00 ~ 09:20 Yoonyoung Kim(SNU): The Fragmented Asteroid 354P/LINEAR (2010 A2) Captured by the K-GMT Science Program
09:20 ~ 09:40 Hye-Eun Jang(SNU): Signatures of Peculiar Supernova Nucleosynthesis in Extremely α-enhanced Metal-poor Stars
09:40 ~ 10:00 Dongwook Lim(Yonsei U.): Spectroscopy for the Red Clump Stars in the Milky Way Bulge
10:00 ~ 10:20 Poster Introduction
10:20 ~ 10:40 Poster Session
Session 2: Extragalactic Astronomy I & Instrumentation (chair: Myung Gyoon Lee)
10:50 ~ 11:08 Yijung Kang(Yonsei U.): YOnsei Nearby Supernovae Evolution Investigation (YONSEI) Project : Spectroscopic Observations for the Early-type Host Galaxies of Type Ia Supernovae
11:08 ~ 11:26 Sungsoon Lim(Peking U.): Globular Cluster Systems of Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies in the Coma and Virgo Clusters
11:26 ~ 11:44 Myungshin Im(SNU): Overview of the Infrared Medium-deep Survey
11:44 ~ 12:02 Yongjung Kim(SNU): Discovery and Properties of IMS J2204+0112, a Faint Quasar with Low Eddington Ratio at z~6
12:02 ~ 12:20 Sung-Joon Park(KASI): Current Status of Upgrade for MMT/SPOL and Future Prospect
12:20 ~ 13:30 Lunch
Session 3: Extragalactic Astronomy II (chair: Yun-Kyeong Sheen)
13:30 ~ 13:48 Yongmin Yoon(SNU): Investigation of Extremely Massive Quasar Environments via MMT Hectospec and SDSS
13:48 ~ 14:06 Eunchong Kim(SNU): Using Polarization to Reveal the Nature of Lyman Alpha Nebulae
14:06 ~ 14:24 Minjin Kim(KASI): Studies of Peculiar Black Holes with Gemini Telescopes
14:24 ~ 14:42 Daeun Kang(SNU): Kinematic Size-Luminosity Relation of AGN Outflows in Luminous Type 2 AGNs with GMOS-IFU
14:42 ~ 15:00 Daeseong Park(KASI): Constructing a Definitive Iron Emission Template for Active Galactic Nuclei
15:00 ~ 15:10 Coffee Break
15:10 ~ 16:00 Discussion
16:00 ~ 16:10 Closing Remarks


Poster Presentations

P01 Sunkyung Park(Kyung Hee U.): High-resolution Spectroscopic Monitoring Observations of 2MASS J06593158-0405277
P02 Sung-Yong Yoon(Kyung Hee U.): NIR Spectroscopic Evidence for Episodic Accretion in an Embedded Protostar, IRAS 16316-1540
P03 Deokkeun An(Ewha Womans U.): Abundant Methanol Ice toward a Massive Young Stellar Object in the Galactic Center
P04 Miji Jeong(CNU): The Nature of First-Generation Stars as Revealed by Ultra Metal-Poor ([Fe/H] < -4.0) Stars
P05 Jisu Kang(SNU): A Wide-field Photometry and Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in the Isolated Massive Galaxy M104
P06 Gu Lim(SNU): Searching Dwarf Galaxies Using Deep Images of Nearby Galaxies From IMSNG Program
P07 Jiwon Chung(CNU): Internal Kinematics of Transitional Early-type Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster
P08 Hyejeon Cho(Yonsei U.): Mapping the Mass Structure of Abell 1240 with Subaru Weak-lensing
P09 Joonho Kim(SNU): Reverberation Mapping of Nearby AGN with Medium-band Photometry
P10 Dohyeong Kim(SNU): The Optical and NIR Spectral Atlas of 16 2MASS-selected Red AGNs at z~0.3
P11 Seongjae Kim(KNU): Properties of BzK Galaxies Selected in DLS F1 Field
P12 Hyunjin Shim(KNU): Clustering of Extremely Red Objects in the Subaru GTO 2deg Field
P13 Seong-Kook Lee(SNU): Confirmation of High-redshift Galaxy Clusters using Large Telescope
P14 Minhee Hyun(SNU): How about the Star Formation Activity at z ~ 1 in Dense Environment? A Study of Actively Star-forming Galaxy Clusters with G-MOS