IGRINS - Call for Proposals for 2017 Trimester 2

IGRINS (Immersion Grating Infrared Spectrograph) is a high-resolution (R ~ 45,000), near-infrared (H and K simultaneously) spectrograph developed by Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute and the University of Texas at Austin. Here we announce an open call for proposals for the 2017 Trimester 2 during which IGRINS will be operated at the 2.7-m telescope of the McDonald observatory. Due to current circumstances, very limited amount of the Korean Guaranteed time will be offered to a normal user for this trimester. Please contact us only for short and time critical observation that you want to do with Korean Guaranteed time. Otherwise, we recommand applying for the McDonald Open Time. We also note that we will have a weeklong mini-queue in March (March 10-17th). Proposals FOR THE MINI-QUEUE ONLY are due by 5th of March 2017, to be submitted through the form found at THIS LINK. Large requests need to be prioritized by science goal. If you have any other inquiry, please feel free to contact us at kgmtscience@kasi.re.kr anytime.